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  • I, as well as my son’s private-duty nurse, have found Ms. Henderson to be very professional, courteous, and willing to go “above and beyond” to ensure that his monthly respiratory supply orders are not only received in a timely manner, but that they are correct. On numerous occasions, she has contacted me or my son’s nurse to gather more detailed descriptions of supplies needed and/or to determine why a certain supply may have been shipped in error.

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November is National Home Care Month! To raise awareness and help us celebrate, Advanced Home Care is asking patients, caregivers, physicians and employees to share their AHC story.  It can be in the form of a video clip, picture or even a written testimonial. We want to know what your experience with Advanced Home Care has meant to you (or your loved ones).  It could be a story of help in the home or the way we have influenced your life, the life of a loved one or your practice…all entries are welcome! We will select a few submissions to post on our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Help us tell the story of how Advanced Home Care has made a positive impact on your life as we celebrate National Home Care Month in November.

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