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  • I am writing to compliment you and your staff for the wonderful home health care I’ve received at your hands. I’d like to single out Lori for her knowledge, her patience, and her rare gift of giving me the confidence I needed in dealing with my supplies and my ability to handle a bizarre colostomy […]

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COPD Program

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Program

Advanced Home Care is committed to teaching patients with COPD the skills they need to manage their disease at home.  Our clinicians are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life and preventing repeated hospitalizations due to COPD exacerbation.  This program involves the coordination of nursing and occupational therapy visits with COPD patients in their home.

Our experienced nurses administer respiratory needs screens to assess if patients experience oxygen deprivation at night or suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  They also educate patients on nutrition, medication and offer additional resources that can help them manage their disease.

The therapy component to our COPD solution entails experienced occupational therapists educating patients on breathing techniques that will minimize shortness of breath and other COPD-related signs of distress.  Providing patients with energy conservation training and helping them organize their activities for daily living (ADL tasks) minimizes fatigue and maximizes independence.  As in our We’ve Got Heart program, the home environment is also an important element that is taken into consideration in our COPD program.  By administering home assessments, our occupational therapists evaluate the home setting (e.g. furniture set-up, layout of rooms and walking paths) and make recommendations to improve in-home safety and make the home environment an easier terrain for your homebound COPD patients.

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