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  • I, as well as my son’s private-duty nurse, have found Ms. Henderson to be very professional, courteous, and willing to go “above and beyond” to ensure that his monthly respiratory supply orders are not only received in a timely manner, but that they are correct. On numerous occasions, she has contacted me or my son’s nurse to gather more detailed descriptions of supplies needed and/or to determine why a certain supply may have been shipped in error.

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Wheelchair Instructions (video)

How to Fold Your Wheelchair

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Learning to use a wheelchair after so many years of walking on your own takes a lot of courage and determination. In order to move on with life experiences, getting instructions on how to use a wheelchair for your mobility is definitely a step in the right direction.

First, you need access to a well-fitted, comfortable and functional wheelchair. But before you do anything, apply the brakes. If it is a power wheelchair, turn it off. This will prevent the wheelchair from rolling away as you try to sit in it, causing a nasty accident. When you are safely and comfortably seated, release the brakes. Now you are ready to start rolling the wheelchair.

How To Move Forward

Place your hands on the rims of the larger back wheels. Push the wheels forward. You will notice the wheelchair inch forward slowly. Let go of the wheel rims. Repeat the motion, placing your hands on the larger back wheels and pushing them forward. Again and again, push forward slowly until you get the hang of it. At first, you may find that you need to look at both wheels before pushing forward – that’s O.K. With time, you will instinctively know where they are, will push without looking and will gain speed with experience.

How To Go Backwards

Place your hands on the larger back wheels again. Then, instead of pushing forward on them, pull the wheel rims backwards.

How To Turn

Hold the one back wheel firmly still. Don’t allow it to move. Then, push forward against the rim of the other back wheel. This will cause the wheelchair to turn. This may be more tricky at first, but just practice doing it again and again. Soon you will get it.

Wheelchair Safety

  • Always apply brakes when you stop or park.
  • Do not lean forward or backwards while sitting in the wheelchair. Rather, turn the wheelchair at an angle, such that you can pick objects up from the side.
  • When going up a slope, lean forward slightly to balance your center of gravity so you don’t tip over backwards

Best of luck as you take your first solo ride. Remember to practice with your Advanced Home Care nurse before going solo.

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