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  • I wish to recommend my nurse as a star employee! She is excellent in every way. She is kind, compassionate, helps her patients to get better, and is a very good nurse in general. She is friendly and nice to my husband and other family members when she is here… I miss her so much.

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Incredible Therapist

I am writing this letter to let your organization know about one of your employees that I feel was so wonderful in my rehabilitation process. I am speaking of my Physical Therapist.

I had a very unique situation requiring surgery that had never been performed previously anywhere according to my orthopedic physicians. The medical term is actually osteosynthesis of acetabulum fracture. My pelvic bone had degenerated to the point that my hip replacement of 12 years had broken, allowing the femoral bone to slide approximately 2 inches into my pelvic region, due to advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis.

On December 8, 2008 a team of 9 orthopedic surgeons performed 10 hours of bone graphs and hip replacement surgery. I was released from the hospital on December 12, 2008 only to return on December 26 with staph infections. After a 14 day stay and 4 additional surgeries, I was released to come home. At this time, I was told that I was not a candidate for rehabilitation inside the hospital and that my only option would be in-home therapy. From my previous experiences, I requested Advanced Home Care for my physical therapy.

Unfortunately, since this was a situation that had never been treated previously, there was no exercise routine for anyone to follow. My Physical Therapist was incredible. With no direction from the physician or his staff she designed a physical therapy routine that has returned to me some of my independence and especially my self confidence. She was so positive and reassuring that I actually enjoyed the strenuous exercise. It was like a friendly visit each time, not exercise.

This process has been very long and today I am able to take a few steps. Again, I feel that Advanced Home Care has many good employees but my Physical Therapist has to be near the top. I consider myself lucky to have met her at this point in my life. Thank you for allowing me the time to let you know.

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