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  • It gives me a great deal of pleasure to write this note concerning one of your nurses. For 37 years I was involved in medical and pharmaceutical professions. I have observed many nurses over the years in hospitals, nursing homes, ERs, and clinics. Your nurse appears to be a very highly trained, thorough, and competent […]

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Hurricane Florence Heroes

As we all know Hurricane Florence hit the Wilmington area very hard this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected Including many of our fellow Advanced Home Care (AHC) team members. As we learn of ways we can help, we should act.

Over the weekend, we called upon Dal (Distribution/HME Operations Manager) and his team to help fill a large order for concentrators for New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The hospital was greatly affected by this crisis, and needed oxygen concentrators, cots, and other supplies for patients being discharged from acute care to make room for new patients. The NC Dept. of Public Safety reached out to us to see if we could help.

On Sunday, Dal and his team coordinated a shipment bound for Wilmington, but couldn’t reach the destination due to flooding, downed trees, and other storm damage. On Monday, we upped the order, and they made another trip with even more supplies. Navigating the ONLY safe path into the city, Jamie, our driver, aided by John as navigator, dodged washed out crumbling roads, power lines dangling in precarious places, and who knows what other wreckage to complete the delivery to the hospital. A couple of phone conversations with them showed their spirits were still high and they had a contagious energy for service that really made an impression.

After it was all over and our team was done high-fiving through text messages, we knew we needed to recognize Dal, John, Brandon, Matt, Jamie and all the others that really made this happen. If they hadn’t stepped up over the weekend, and really early Monday morning, we would not have been able to make an impact on the recovery effort in this part of the AHC community.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated operations team with a such a strong sense of duty to our patients and the healthcare community. They didn’t simply make a difference in the lives of our patients. The effort from this team over the weekend was heroic. They might say they were doing their job, but isn’t that what heroes always say?

Jamie, John, all of our PSTs, clinicians, pharmacists, call center reps, and countless other front line team members are the true heroes of Advanced Home Care, and we should join together in thanking them for their bold and compassionate service to our communities and to our patients and support them in their efforts every chance we get. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

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