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Extraordinary Staff

I am the niece of one of your former patients. I wanted to share with you what an extraordinary staff you have. My aunt is going blind and is unfortunately unable to care for herself any longer. It was planned that she move to Colorado to live with me and my family. Six weeks prior to her departure, she called AHC to find out what she needed to do for oxygen portability to get to Denver and how to return it to AHC after her flight. Pam, a Patient Account Representative with AHC, worked tirelessly to assure that she had everything ready for her. She called the airline we were using numerous times to make arrangements, followed up with her physician, and everything was in place. Saturday night before we left, Denny, a Patient Service Technician with AHC, delivered the Eclipse unit to us and gave us a thorough tour of the machine. He told my aunt that she would be missed and wished her well.

Meanwhile, my daughter (the travel agent who had made all travel arrangements for us) called to say that the airline required 48 hours notice before flying with oxygen. At no time during all of our preparations had anyone told us this. The representative from the airline kept saying to go online to their Web site and print out the necessary paperwork and fax to the University of Pittsburgh, as they handle all things medical for the airline. My daughter explained to her that my aunt is a 92 year old blind woman with no computer or car! Denny was still at the house and told us not to panic, that he would go “straight to the top” and get some help for us.

He called the AHC Branch Manager, Angie, and explained the situation. Please keep in mind that this is 8:30 on a Saturday night and we were scheduled to fly out at 11am the next morning. Angie called the airline (for the next hour) and got nowhere. She then contacted the University of Pittsburgh and after multiple calls and transfers she was able to find a sympathetic case manager to help us. If my aunt had a letter from her doctor stating her medical condition and her liter flow dated within the past two weeks, she could help us. We had this letter, thanks to Pam! Here was the issue: we had no car, no computer, no fax machine, and by this time it is nearly 10pm.

Angie told me not to worry, that she would drive to us, pick up the letter, fill out the necessary paperwork and go to the AHC office and fax it to Pittsburgh. I waited anxiously at the door praying that this was going to work, as I had only brought enough medication for one night and as of noon tomorrow my aunt would be homeless! Her real estate agent was driving us to the airport.

Angie arrived, calmed me down, and said that she would take care of everything. She sat down with my aunt to calm her fears, thanked her for all the years that she had allowed Angie and her fellow employees to care for her, and how much she would be missed. Who does that anymore? Not very many in my experience. My aunt and I kept thanking her and she would only say, “No thanks necessary. You’re my patient and that’s my job.” My aunt would say, “But I’m not your patient anymore,” and Angie would promptly respond, “You are mine until you get settled in Denver and are set up with your new company. Even then you’ll still be considered ours.”

My aunt cried and told Angie she wouldn’t live to see her again, but as soon as she got to heaven she was going to be the second person she looked for…..after Pam, of course, because she had been the first angel in this saga! Angie replied that she had better straighten up and stay on the straight and narrow because she didn’t want to miss that. Denny called back several times during this whole process to make sure that Angie had it under control and that he wasn’t needed. Angie was also fielding frantic calls from my daughter trying to make sure that we got on the plane.

Angie went back to the office, filled out all the paperwork, faxed it in and waited until the case manager gave her the approval and assured her that we would be able to get on that plane. She then called me, my crazy daughter, and the airline to see if her status had been changed. By this time it was nearly midnight. She gave us her personal phone numbers and called Sunday morning before our flight to assure that they were going to let us on the plane. All went off without a hitch and we arrived in Denver to be met by my daughter with a message from Angie and Denny wanting to know when we got there!

I called Pam after we settled in to get instructions on sending back the Eclipse. This was accomplished with a minimum of fuss and effort on our part, and many apologies from Pam. My aunt is now set up with another company and when the drivers make a delivery, I ask if they were nice and she always replies…”Well, he’s no Denny!”

We can’t tell you what it means to us that these folks would give up their Saturday night for two old ladies in trouble. If everyone in your company can be judged by the actions of these employees, then you have a fine company indeed. I hope that you have some way to thank them because we sure don’t. However, I did promise Angie that if I ever won the Colorado powerball, I wouldn’t forget her. Until then, please give these employees our undying gratitude.

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