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  • I, as well as my son’s private-duty nurse, have found Ms. Henderson to be very professional, courteous, and willing to go “above and beyond” to ensure that his monthly respiratory supply orders are not only received in a timely manner, but that they are correct. On numerous occasions, she has contacted me or my son’s nurse to gather more detailed descriptions of supplies needed and/or to determine why a certain supply may have been shipped in error.

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New Hire Process


In order to be considered for employment, Advanced Home Care requires all applicants to complete an online application.  Our Human Resources department reviews all online applications.  To be considered for a position, candidates must meet the position’s minimum qualifications.  If you are selected as a top candidate for a position, a member of the Human Resources team or a hiring manager will contact you to schedule an interview.  Please note – due to the high volume of applications Human Resources receives, the department members are not always able to follow up on the status of applications.  Also note – incomplete applications (regardless of attached resumes) may not be accepted for consideration of employment.

Once an applicant is selected for a position, a member of the Human Resources team will call and make a contingent offer.  A contingent offer means that the offer depends upon the applicant passing the pre-employment process in order to begin work at Advanced Home Care.  If an applicant does not pass the pre-employment process for any reason, they will be disqualified from employment consideration.  The pre-employment process includes:

■  Positive references and criminal background checks
■  Successful completion of the drug screen and/or physical abilities test, if required by the job
■  Licensure verification, if required by the job
■  A good driving record and valid driver’s license, if required by the job

Upon acceptance of a contingent offer from Advanced Home Care, Human Resources will:

■  Request the completion of a new hire packet
■  Discuss a start date and schedule a date/time for Orientation
■  Schedule a drug screen and/or physical abilities test (if required)
■  Verify licensure (if applicable)
■  Mail official offer letter

Once the process is completed, your new career can begin with Advanced Home Care!

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