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  • It gives me a great deal of pleasure to write this note concerning one of your nurses. For 37 years I was involved in medical and pharmaceutical professions. I have observed many nurses over the years in hospitals, nursing homes, ERs, and clinics. Your nurse appears to be a very highly trained, thorough, and competent […]

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Timely & Thorough

We are pleased to work so closely with Advanced Home Care. The products and service have been exemplary. We consider ourselves fortunate to have a close relationship with Advanced Home Care. We consider the needs of our guests and know that the customer service that our guests receive will far exceed their expectations. Our philosophy of care is to exceed the expectations of those we serve. Advanced Home Care provides that consistently with our current guests and those we discharge to home.

Advanced Home Care representatives are efficient, timely, and thorough. We have equipment available on the premises to vend through Advanced Home care to facilitate the discharge…

Advanced Home Care has delivered equipment to the guest quickly in those instances that are emergent. For the facility, our personal equipment needs are met more timely than any other vendor. AHC representatives provide education to staff and families for a variety of services that they provide.

Overall, the presence of representatives from Advanced Home Care has allowed the discharge to home to be a more efficient process and allowed our guests to access equipment and services that were beneficial to their success at home. We are truly grateful.

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