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Custom Wheelchairs

Advanced Home Care offers a variety of custom wheelchairs for our patients with mobility needs. These wheelchairs are unique in that they are custom built for each patient, designed to meet individual needs and lifestyles. In order to adapt the wheelchair to each patient, we obtain pertinent information from the individual’s physician prior to customization.

The development of our custom wheelchairs is more like a thorough process than a quick sale, in an effort to provide the most effective and efficient mobility device that is tailored specifically to each individual patient.        NOTE: Custom wheelchairs are currently available for patients located in the Triad and Salisbury, NC only.

Custom Manual Wheelchair

Custom Manual Wheelchair

  • Ideal for active patients with good upper body strength (i.e. paraplegia)
  • Lightweight compared to power wheelchairs
  • Easier to maneuver and move around in

Basic Power Wheelchair

Basic Power Wheelchair

  • Ideal for patients experiencing weakness or lack of endurance (i.e. cardiac conditions, obesity, total knee replacements)
  • Appropriate for patients with non-progressive conditions because wheelchair is not modifiable
  • Easier to operate than most scooters in home setting

Complex Power Wheelchair

  • Ideal for neurological patients (i.e. multipe sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, quadrilegia)
  • Multiple power components (i.e. joystick, power head rest, tilt/recline features)
  • Modifiable over time to meet patients’ changing needs

LEVO Standing Wheelchair

  • Custom manual wheelchair equipped with assistive device to facilitate standing
  • Example of a specialized wheelchair used for a particular function (standing)

Specialty Seating Accessories

Advanced Home Care also offers specialty seating cushions that serve to:

  • Improve the fit and comfort of your wheelchair,
  • Help you maintain healthy skin, and
  • Provide pressure relief that is contoured to fit your frame

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