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  • For me, Advanced Home Care provides a concentrator and “at home” fill machine, as well as the nebulizer and “pocketbook” tanks. The rep who delivered the equipment went over everything with my daughter and I. They answered all our questions and offered some suggestions – such as the use of a water bottle with the […]

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Above & Beyond

I want to applaud two of your personnel for the “above and beyond” care that I received from them. My nurse and physical therapist truly went above and beyond in taking care of me.

I had¬†my left knee replaced in April. After rehab care… I entered your home care system on Monday, April 13, 2009. At that time, I was on Coumadin therapy. I was assigned a temporary nurse on Monday, April 20. She found my clotting time to be evaluated and returned the next day. By the time she arrived the next day, I was nauseated, had severe chills, and my blood pressure was dangerously high. She called my Internist and explained the situation to him. I was placed on Lisinopril and Promethazine. The nurse returned every day that week.

When my physical therapist arrived for her scheduled appointment on Wednesday, April 22, I was still sick. My nausea was very strong and she checked by blood pressure, oxygen content, and consulted with my nurse when she arrived.

I would like to commend both of these ladies who took such good care of me during this time. I live alone and, while I have a good neighbor who picked up prescriptions for me and a daughter who lives across the lake but works during the day, I can only imagine what the progress of my illness would have been without these two ladies. It is ironic that this should have happened while I was under the care of Advanced Home Care, as my surgeon had recommended another agency for home care. I insisted that I remain with Advanced Home Care and am glad that I did.

It is my understanding that you have a special recognition program for your personnel who perform exceptionally. It is my opinion that these two deserve such recognition. I sincerely thank you for the care I received in your program and hope that if I should need your services again, they will be available.

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