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  • I enjoy the flexibility that home health offers. I value being able to spend as much time as needed with the patients. I worked in a hospital for 10 years and felt like I was very rushed with patient care. I finally feel like I am the nurse that I wanted to be when I […]

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eCMN / e485 (Inscrybe)

Save Time and Money by Processing CMNs and 485s Online

Advanced Home Care recognizes the frustrations that are often associated with transmitting paperwork, specifically related to CMNs and 485s. In an effort to streamline this process, we offer Inscrybe eCMN/e485 to send and receive paperwork electronically, making it easier to enhance communication and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Through this process, physicians can choose to receive their paperwork via fax or email, and can even designate a specific time of day that is most convenient for them to receive this information. We aim to customize the communication process to the specific needs of your practice so you can get back to what really matters – your patients.

 Advanced Home Care’s electronic documents are:

  • Easy to use. Our eCMNs/e485s are identical to the hard copy forms physicians are used to receiving.
  • Time and money savers. A cover letter containing initial referral information eliminates the need to pull charts or duplicate paperwork. Electronic documents can be downloaded for patient file copies.
  • Virtually mistakeproof. We automatically include a reminder if any necessary information is omitted.
  • Medically compliant. Your e‐signature combined with a USPS electronic postmark will provide irrefutable content verification.
  • Integrated. You receive home health, home medical equipment, and IV paperwork all in one bundled solution.

Let Advanced Home Care help your practice improve patient care and enhance communications through electronic documentation. To learn more or register, simply contact your local Advanced Home Care representative or call our Physician Services Team at 1.800.868.8824 ext. 4927. 

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